Rakshasa gana celebrities

Swarga is the domain of Gods, and the Devas are said to live in the Swarga Loka. Prithvi Loka is the domain of Humans, and that is where they reside.

Mrityu Loka is the domain of the demons and Rakshasas are said to live there. Each of the 27 nakshatras are said to belong to one of these three classes. Every class consists of 9 Nakshatras. These ganas are controlled by the situation of the moon present in the birth chart of the individual.

All the 27 constellations are isolated into these three gana, which are as per the following nakshatra gana table. Every individual has their own Gana which shows their nature. Deva gana nature is humble, generous and kind-hearted. According to deva gana features these persons possesses good temperament, good behaviour and tends to follow all the cultural rules and traditions.

This gives the person a human nature. Manushya gana personality will have mixed qualities. Sometimes they may be very kind, and at times they may become vindictive.

The person who belongs to manav gana, will be religious and creative. In other words, natives of manushya gana phala like to make a living for themselves and their kin.

This indicates the darker side of human nature. The one who belongs to rakshasa gana phala will be stubborn and rigid in nature. It is the rakshas gana nature that this person may even tend to pick fights over petty issues. Rakshasa temperament may be self-centred and not care about anyone else.

Gana and Guna : How to judge nature of a person via Horoscope & Astrology

However, the person with these qualities may not necessarily be bad. The person with this Gana will also have strong intuitive powers. Know about your all the query on how Gana should match for marriage? Can Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana marry? Can Deva Gana and Rakshasa Gana marry?

Can Deva Gana Manushya Gana marry? Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you take the right decision by selecting a compatible partner. Gana nakshatra can also be used as one of the tools to test the Astakoot compatibility.

rakshasa gana celebrities

The calculation is based on the Nakshatra and gana of the bride and the bridegroom. To add further, the most points to score a Gana Koota is 6. Such a scenario is possible in between deva gana and manushya gana compatibility, when if they couple both belong to the same Gana or if the bride belongs to the Manav Gana and the bridegroom to the Deva Gana.

However, no points can be added if either of them belongs to the Deva or the Manav Gana and the other to Rakshasa Gana. When a couple scores 0 points, it is known as a Gana Dosha.

As we realize the traits of those three gana phala.We can provide your complete horoscope as a manually written " Horoscope Prediction Book ". It's not a computerized print out.

Gana Kuta or “Temperment”

Contact us to get your personalised jataka reports, palmistry reports, vastu reports, match compatibility reports, new borns reports, subha muhurtams etc. Click Here to contact oursubhakaryam. Toggle navigation. Persons born in the 3rd and 4th charanams of Dhanishta nakshatra belong to Aquarius sign or Kumbha raasi. Gana of this nakshatra is Rakshasa gana. Lord of this nakshatra is Mars.

Coral is your lucky stone. Lucky Number : 8 and 9. Lucky Day:Wednesday and Friday If a baby boy or girl born in Dhanishta nakshatra, there is no need for dosha nivarana pooja irrespective of any charanam.

These persons should not live in North facing houses.

Misconception About Rakshasa Gana And Manushya Gana in Kundali Matching

Persons born in the 1st charanam will usually have good physical appearance, studious, active and thoughtful. Persons born in the 2nd charanam will often be active, brave, courageous, adventurous, educated, helping, curious about new things, give respect to others and have enemity with their relatives. Persons born in the 3rd charanam will be kind hearted, educated, give importance to relatives and very generous.

Persons born in the 4th charanam will usually be sensitive, healthy, rich and will achieve success in any task.This is just one piece of a larger system used by Vedic Astrologers to determine compatibility between partners.

My moon is in Mula, which makes me Rakshasa Gana. They tend to avoid confrontation, color within the lines, and be politically correct.

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They can be very giving towards relationships and very relationship-oriented. Manushas are practical and can be more innovative and progressive than Devas yet are still somewhat conservative.

Rakshasas are independent, innovative, creative, unconventional, eccentric and capable of breaking attachments and conventions. In relationships they make it up as they go. They will seek truth even if it upsets others. They can shock, horrify, embarrass, or just generally make people feel uncomfortable, but can also be exciting to be around. If both the Ganas races are the same then 6 points are given. The more people are alike, the less they scare and try to change each other.

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If the woman is Rakshasa Gana and the man Deva or Manushya Gana then 0 points, pairing up with a man with a Deva or Manushya Nakshatra is considered to bring troubles. They will tend to laugh at the same jokes, enjoy the same TV shows or movies, and agree on how to decorate. Which race are you? Visit this free chart creator and find your moon sign, specifically your moon nakshatra. You must be logged in to post a comment.

In relationship, the Nakshatra of the moons of the couple are compared: If both the Ganas races are the same then 6 points are given. Carl and Ellie probably shared the same Gana or temperment.Marriage is one of the most important Incident in our Life. It gives our life a new direction. If we do not get a good family life, how much we earn or successful, life becomes very dull.

So chart matching before marriage is very important. If two persons are not at all compatible with each other then it becomes very difficult to stay together. SO we become very cautious and skeptical regarding choosing the life partner and some time few misconception creates unwanted fear in us.

The most popular thing in the chart matching is checking the points by comparing the birth Nakshtra. What is birth Nakshtra? The Nakshtra of moon in our birth chart is known as birth Nakshtra. It is known as ashtakoot matching.

If a certain criteria is not met in one particular area, then points are totally or partially cut depending on the area and circumstance.

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Usually over 18 points is considered ok. But It is a very elementary method. Even getting 36 point will not ensure a happy married life.

Among these stages people are very skeptical and curious about Gana Milan. People are often afraid with a girl of Rakshasa Gana.

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They even think to the extent that, if a marriage is solemnized between Manshya Gan boy and Rakshasa Gan girl, the boy will die. But it is completely a misconception. Gana actually signify the inherent nature of people.

People have been divided in three categories- 1. Synthetical, 3. The persons who comes in the first catagory i. Analytical are Rakshasa Gana people, The people who comes in the 2nd catagory i.

Importance of Gana Kutas - Marriage Matching

So Deva Gana persons are very creative and flexible in nature. They are very sober sensetive and gentle. Rakshasa gana persons always try to analyse situation with their logic. They can be very critical. They want to change the traditional system if not working.I am girl with Raksash gana and the boy to whom i want to marry is Manushya gana. Can we marry each other? Please be honest am ready to take the truth. March 7, at am TMR Moderator The gana milan is a very minor insignificant part of marriage compatibility check.

Better have a full compatibility check of your horoscopes and then decide whether to marry or not. You can use paid services by sending email to me tmrnambissan gmail.

Marriage between Rakshasa Gana and Manushya Gana can be considered if other factors in Horoscope matching are favourable.

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Therefore Gana Dosha is just a small factor when doing Horoscope matching. Any resolution as i am manushya gana and the girl is rakhasa gana. Bhakoot also not matching. What resolution u can provide to go for marriage. No problem when boy is rakshyasa n girl is manushya…consult a good astrologer else I m here…u can mail me. I am a Leo girl with manushya gana.

rakshasa gana celebrities

The boy whome I wanna marry is Libra man with rakshas gana. Will there any problems in our relationship and married life…. Gana is the temperament problems in the person. A person with Rakshasa Gana tends to be very self centered. He attitude will be commanding and he will be filled with ego, anger and selfish desires. He will focus on enjoyment and merrymaking. It is important to look at other factors of horoscope matching before making a decision.

If other factors are favourable then marriage can be considered. You can read more about Gana and their importance in marriage in the article given below. Hi I am Rakshasa Gon. I have match making with a girl of manushya Gon. Can we marry? Provide ur details…else u better mail me budheswarsahu gmail. If other factors are strong, If there is no Bhakoot and Nadi dosha, then yes marriage can be considered.Ash Hollywood Sex in the home.

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rakshasa gana celebrities

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rakshasa gana celebrities

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Also, read Pradosh Vrat tips, mantra their importance to regain lost happiness Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. The 27 'Nakshatras' in the Hindu System of Astrology. The ' Nakshatras ' or constellations form the most important element of the Hindu Astrology and ' Muhurtha ' streams of knowledge. Without these, our knowledge would be incomplete. Nakshatra means 'something that never decays'. Among these, the word 'asterism' comes closest to the meaning of 'Nakshatra'.

The Nakshatras represent a cluster of stars. For instance, the first Nakshatra in sequence known as ' Ashwini Nakshatra ' is made up of three stars, which looks like a Horse.

Hence the name 'Ashwini', which is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Ashwa', which means a Horse. The Horse thus becomes the symbol of this asterism. As the Horse represents physical power and stamina, those born in this Nakshatra are always active, tenacious, dynamic and full of energy.

How to co-relate the Nakshatras to the planets in an individual's Horoscope The sky is considered as a stage and the planets are said to be the players on the stage. The screen behind the players represents the backdrop of the sky, which keeps on changing with every new act in the play. The Nakshatras form the designs on this screen. The situation is similar to a singer singing on the stage while projections on the screen behind him can be changed with different colours or scenes, which the director of the program decides.

When we talk of the Moon in an individual's birth chart, the rising asterism nearest to the degrees of Moon at the time of one's birth in the backdrop of the sky, will be considered as ' Janma Nakshatra ', or the Asterism in which ones Moon is placed. They are used while choosing a Muhurtha in Electional Astrology. They guide us to the first letter of an infant's name at the time of 'Naamkaran' or naming ceremony of an infant. The Nakshatras also guide us during matchmaking.

They are help us find how each planet in the horoscope will function.


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